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Chapter One

This was it.

Proffesor Oak looked at me, smiling, and beckoned me to come in to his pokécentre.

There were three pokémon to choose from... Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur?

"Go ahead, Lily, choose," Proffesor Oak said gently.

"I.. I.."

Yared shot me a frustrated look.

".. Will choose Squirtle!"

I picked up the pokéball and released the pocket monster it held inside. The Squirtle curiously looked up at me, and wagged it's tail a little. The little guy was so cute!

"Beep. Beep!" It said.

"What?!" I cried. "Squirtle!"

"Beep! Now, next on our Pokésongs marathon will be 'Squirtle!' by-"

That was when I woke up and shot a dirty look at the alarm clock/radio for ruining a perfectly good dream.

Chapter Two

Okay, I guess I'm a little late about telling you... I'm Lily... K. No one hear's the rest of my last name. People always say,"Yeah right," or give me strange looks when I give it out. Anyway, I have my pokémon license and pokéballs; all I need is my pokedex and pokémon.

"Good luck, Lillyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" My little sister, of course. Thank goodness for that age requirement.

I live in Pallet Town, as you may have guessed; along Petal Dance Court. Proffesor Oak's lab, my older brother "Steve"'s best friend's house, and several of my friends' houses are a short walk away. I was to go to Prof. Oak's lab, receive a starter pokémon, call Mom, and start training.

Of course...

I didn't reserve a pokémon, did I?

It leaped across the train tracks; Stupid pokémon.

No, I thought to myself. It'ld be a better idea to receive a tame Squirtle from Prof. Oak than capture this one. Besides, it might have rabies.

Rumble... Rumble...

I involuntarily backed away from the tracks.

Gave the tracks a look-

Oh God!!

Squirtle just stared into the distance at the approaching object...

"You idiot!!" I yelled as I leapt across the tracks, grabbing Squirtle.

I then remember the train and instantly struggled to my feet without the aid of my hands. A dozen feet away, I watched shakily as the train passed. Squirtle whimpered.

I looked down at the pocket monster.

"You know better than to do that, don't you, little guy?" I whispered.

"She's hit rock bottom,"Yared commented. I snapped out of my trance.

"Oh, shut up!" I yelled. To tell you the truth, I still don't care that this guy is one of Prof. Oak's grandchildren. And I don't listen to "Steve" when he tells me to mind Yared. Yared smirked.

"Oh, let me guess; Both of us got Prof. Oak's only Squirtle."

"What is that suppossed to mean?!"

"I got a tame, disciplined pokémon from a proffesional and you are holding one that was in an alley somewhere."

"Actually," I lied, hiding the smile that comes when one tells lies. "I saw this one beating a Bulbasaur. I caught it with a pokéball."

Yared seemed confused, then a grin overwrote his previous expression. "You're bluffing. There aren't any wild Bulbasaur around here, and it's sad that you can't even lie right."

"Squirt?" Peeped the Squirtle.

Chapter Three

Squirtle followed me, everywhere I went. Since I hadn't gone very far from home, I decided to talk to Mom in person.

"Lily!" She shrieked."You-you're home! Oh, are you okay?"

"Yeah." I replied.

The conversation was continued inside. "So, did you get your pokémon?"

"Yeah," I opened up my backpack, where Squirtle was resting.

Mom blinked. "But... Yared has a Squirtle. His mother told me."

I took a deep breath. Why hadn't I thought of this?! I should've just gone to Prof. Oak's lab, after rescuing the Squirtle and releasing it, then getting a Charmander or a Bulbasaur... I had to tell the truth. Let's face it; I was and always will be a horrible liar. My stories do not make sense at all.


"Don't worry, Mom. Please don't freak out or anything, okay? You see, I was walking to Prof. Oak's lab, along the railroad tracks-"


"I told you not to freak out!"

Mom calmed down. "You know that's dangerous, Lily. But finish telling me what happened."

"Well, I saw Squirtle playing, and I just kept on walking... Which was when I heard the train. So I backed away from the tracks-" Mom relaxed the tiniest bit."-but the Squirtle just froze, trying to figure out what was going on. So I pushed it out of the way, and it's been following me."

Mom was silent.

"Lily," She said softly."I think you should release it."


"Lily, I really think it has rabies. First of all, it's wandering around town, which means it's wandered from the lake- For a reason, dear, which means that it mustn't like water." Mom's a vet. You know, a docter who specializes in treating pokémon.

"Mom, it drank some water from my canteen."

"Okay, but you still need to explain why it has wandered away from the lake and into the city, hon."

"Maybe someone released it."

Chapter Four

Someone did release Squirtle. The jerk had done this right near the rail road tracks.

This meant that Squirtle was mine, I guess. It needed training. Badly. Needless to say, the original trainer obviously didn't know anything about pokémon.

But out of pity, I let the little guy swim in a lake before moving on. After that, it was off to Route 1. A pretty boring place... I didn't find anything to capture at all.

Finally, after the seemingly endless stretch of trees and grass, I saw a Pokémon Center for Squirtle to rest in.

"Lillyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" Chloe yelled into the phone. "Where are you????"

"The Viridian City Pokémon Center," I answered, with filled her with awe.

"Does Mom have anything to say?" I asked.

Mom and I... weren't speaking to each other.

"Mommy called Yared's mommy and Mommy said that Yared was in Viridian City."


"WHAT?!" Chloe repeated.

"Tell Mom that I might not call if Squirtle happens to kill me!" I said furiously.

"Okay," Chloe said. "Hey, look, it's Yared behind you!"

I turned around. Sure enough, Yared was giving me that same nasty grin. "Good night, Chloe. If Mom asks, I'm spending the night in the Pokémon Center."