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Chikorita, the grass starter pokémon, and Bulbasaur, the grass starter pokémon! In the first round, we'll rate Bulbasaur's attacks and evolution. In Round 2 we'll rate Chikorita's attacks and evolution, and in Round 3 the two pocket monsters will battle! And cuteness will be rated. These, by the way, are the most current attacks.

Round 1

First off, Bulbasaur!
7Leech Seed
10Vine Whip
15Poison Powder
20Razor Leaf
25Sweet Smell
39Plant heal
46Solar Beam

*Judge A looks at Judge B, who is explaining what the attacks "Sweet Smell" and "Plant Heal" are to Judge C.

B: Plant heal heals a quarter of Bulbasaur's HP. Sweet Smell makes wild pokémon attack.

A: Now that that's cleared up...

A holds up a sign that shows the rating for the attacks. "9."

B holds up a sign. "10."

C holds up a sign. "9."*

Now for Bulbasaur's Evolutions...


*A: Can't beat a poison and plant combination too easily. "10."

B: Hmm.. "9."

C: "10."*

Yay! Good job, Bulbasaur! *Bulbasaur smiles.* Now on to Chikorita!

15Poison Powder
22Plant Heal
29Body Slam
36Light Screen
43Mystery Protect
50Solar Beam

*C does not look impressed, but B is smiling. A is thinking.

A: "10"

B: "10"

C: "6"*

*Chikorita is grooming it's leaf.*

Well, well, well! Judge C is obviously not impressed with Chikorita's attacks! A nice area for Bulbasaur to win in! But now for Evolution!


Types: Grass

*A is shaking his head, thinking about Round 3... and about the evolution.. "9."

B: "10"

C is thinking... "10."*

Round 3

*Bulbasaur suddenly sits up straighter than it was earlier. Chikorita displays it's clean leaf proudly.*

*The judges whisper.. "Whisper, whisper, whisper..."

Bulbasaur: "9"

Chikorita: "10"*

Now... the battle!

*Chikorita and Bulbasaur run to the arena. The referee flips a coin...*

"Bulbasaur attacks first!"

*Bulbasaur grins mysteriously... Chikorita waits for a tense five seconds.. Then attacks with Razor Leaf! Bulbasaur is hit, but not effected so much.. After all, Bulbasaur is a grass type, too.

Suddenly, Bulbasaur hits Chikorita with the Solar Beam!*


Bulbasaur:97 out of 100

Chikorita:95 out of 100

*Chikorita then uses Body Slam. Bulbasaur is knocked into the air, but quickly recovers. B smiles about that. Bulbasaur hits Chikorita with Poison Powder. Chikorita is poisoned.*


Bulbasaur: 84 out of 100

Chikorita: 90 out of 100 (Poison)

*Chikorita tries Body Slam again, and it has the same effect. Damage lost due to poison! Bulbasaur then hits Chikorita with a Tackle!*


Bulbasaur: 71 out of 100

Chikorita: 75 out of 100 (Poison)

*Chikorita, once again, has chosen body slam, but Bulbasaur's Tackle has much more effect after the poison. The attacks are repeated twice before...*


Bulbasaur: 45 out of 100

Chikorita: 42 out of 100 (Poison)

*Chikorita tries the Body Slam again, but Bulbasaur cuts it off with Vine whip. Chikorita, held prisoner in the air, tries Razor Leaf. Bulbasaur hits the pocket monster with the finishing effects of Solar Beam.*


Bulbasaur: 40 out of 100

Chikorita: 27 out of 100 (Poison)

*Bulbasaur sits Chikorita down. The raged plant pokémon suddenly evolves... Bayleef! Judge C claps before the other two judges silence him. Bayleef gives Bulbasaur a look of triumph.. The seed pokémon prepares for it's next attack. Bayleef takes advantage of the time to try Solar Beam. Bulbasaur, on the other hand, has decided to use Vine Whip. Bayleef is once again Bulbasaur's prisoner of the air.*


Bulbasaur: 40 out of 100.

ChikoritaBayleef: 28 out of 110 (Poison)

*Bayleef finishes the solar beam, but not before Bulbasaur finishes Vine Whip! Bayleef attempts to use the Razor Leaf trick, but quick thinking Bulbasaur moves it's vines out of the way, and struggles to hold up Bayleef. Bayleef is suffering from the poison powder...*


Bulbasaur: 30 out of 100

Bayleef:24 out of 100.

*Judge A watches the predicimate with a childish curiousity as Bulbasaur finally drops Bayleef. The pokémon then attacks with Razor Leaf once more! Bulbasaur dodges the leaves, and the experience points pile up... The pokémon glows for a second, then finishes it's evolution to Ivysaur. Now both pokémon are evenly matched. Ivysaur now wisely attacks from a distance using Razor Leaf. Bayleef counters with the same attack.*


Bulbasaur Ivysaur: 26 out of 110

Bayleef: 15 out of 110(Poison)

*To finish of the battle, both pokémon prepare a Solar Beam. Both are hit...*


Ivysaur: 21 out of 110

Bayleef: 7 out of 110(Poison)

*It's a race to see who faints! Bayleef strikes Ivysaur with Razor Leaf(16 out of 110)! Poison effects Bayleef(4 out of 10)! Ivysaur takes a chance and uses Vine Whip on Bayleef!(2 out of 110!) Poison strikes again... Bayleef has fainted.*

*The judges whisper to each other as Bayleef is healed back to it's regular condition.*

Judge A:

Bulbasaur: 10 > Chikorita: 7

Judge B:

Bulbasaur: 6 > Chikorita: 5

Judge C:

Bulbasaur: 1 = Chikorita: 1

Adding up the scores...

Bulbasaur:83 > Chikorita: 78