The first Contest has officially ended! See who won here!

A new contest is beginning May 31! It ends July 31!

What do I do?
You try to find three awards/plaques/bonuses(I used a thesaurus while naming these three prizes ^_^), and once you find all three, e-mail me with the name of the awards/plaques/bonuses/prizes and their password. I will ask you two questions about pokémon, and if you answer both correctly, you will get the Special Prize.

How do I find an award?
Click on this picture every time you see it. It will bring you to a page with an award. (That's right, no more pages that say "Sorry, try again!").

What happens if I don't answer the questions correctly?
Then you don't get the award. Don't worry, if you don't get it right the first time, you can try again!

How do I find the awards?
You search for this symbol:
You click on the symbol, and it will lead you to one of the awards. Here's what an award page will look like *Note: None of these examples are the real awards.*

You found...
The Scyther Award!


The award's picture will be here.

The award's HTML will be here.

The award's password will be here. 

This award should be put in the Awards section of your site.

What are these passwords?
They will be on each page, and are there so that I will know whoever found the award really found the award.

What do I do when I find an award?
You memorize the password and the award's name, or write it down on a piece of paper or something. Just remember it!

What do I do when I find all three awards?
E-mail me with the awards and the passwords. Also, e-mail me with your name and website(If you have one). Example:


I found The Scyther Award and the password is Raichu.
I found The Porygon Plaque and the password is Computer.
I found the Charmander Prize and the password is Blaze.

My name: Someone
My website: I don't have a website.


What are you going to do with my name and website?
I'm going to put it in a Hall of Fame.

The Pokémon Plaza