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Before you enter the chat room, there are certain rules you must read:

  • No cussing or inappropriate language.
  • No powergaming. Powergaming is when you exaggerate your pokémon's power. One example of powergaming is saying, "Oh, wait! That Blizzard attack didn't hurt Dragonite at all! In fact, not one HP was lost! Now, I'll use my Dragon Rage, which takes away 100,000 HP!" Needless to say, powergaming is annoying and unfair. So don't use it.
  • I let you use HTML, but that doesn't mean you can test it in the chat.
  • If you do any of these things, I'll give you a warning. If you do it a second time, you'll be kicked out of the chat. If you repeatedly disobey these rules, I'll add your IP address to the list of addresses that can't access the chat room.

    Now, you may enter the chat room.