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Gameboy Pokémon

Everytime a new game is added to the collection of Gameboy pokémon games, internet surfers everywhere will pay attention to the new game. The Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Pinball didn't receive much attention.

This section of the website is divided into several sections...

(Note: Some of these sections contain spoilers about the game. If you haven't received a copy of any of these games, I suggest you simply skip to the next paragraph when you decide you want to experience this yourself. However, I have some notes here and there for when I think you should skip to the next paragraph.)

  • Pokémon Red/Blue

    Pokčmon Red/Blue, the first Gameboy game, looks OK, but is unfortunately dwarfed by the versions that came out later. The versions' looks were effected by one element; If you choose Pokémon Red, everything was in shades of Red and Green. Pokémon Blue was colored in shades of blue and red. It was rather disappointing to the eye. The fact that some of the pokémon look nothing like themselves--I stand by Geodude, Mankey, and Pikachu--is also a flaw that probably confused many newbies. The worst part of Red/Blue has to be the graphics--I know they can do better, check out Pokémon Pinball!

    The game overall isn't very challenging, as long as you pay attention and all that. The only trainer that could be considered difficult is Lance, the dragon trainer--But you don't meet him until the end.

  • Pokémon Pinball

    I love the way that they use color in Pokémon Pinball! The pokémon actually look real in this version! Also, the pictures in the pokedex are so cool... Like the entry for Golduck.(You can skip to the next paragraph if you don't want any spoilers.) I think Golduck looks so cool the way it's webbed hand is masking part of it's bill...


    Some of our pokémon simply don't look exciting.(Spoilers, once again. Skip to the next paragraph.) Pidgeot, for example doesn't look like it's doing anything at all. It's just standing there. So does Pidgey. And Pinsir. Squirtle... What are you doing, Squirtle?! What happened to the poses that seemed to be pictures that Todd(From the cartoon show) captured himself? Pikachu... Tsk, tsk.

    The pinball machine itself was very colorful, and it was easy to see your stats (How many balls you had left, how many pokémon you captured, bonuses, etc.) while following the pinball.

    Rating:4 out of 5

  • Pokémon Yellow

    This is an improvement from Pokémon Red and Blue, but no match for Pinball! The use of color improves the pictures of the pokémon, and the towns each receive their own color. (Cerulean City is Blue, Cinnabar Island is red, etc.)

    The same font that was used in the previous versions is kept, and some pokémon get their own icons(Chansey, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu), but the icons change once you get to battle or look at your pokémon's stats(Pikachu is the exception, though.)

    The pokémon's look in the pokedex have really improved. Pikachu looks much better, and Geodude looks like a rock pokémon in this version, un-like the cuddly-looking thing in Pokémon Red/Blue.

    Rating:3 out of 5

  • Pokémon TCG

    Once again, I love the use of color! For those of you who haven't viewed a Gameboy Color, you don't know what you're missing!

    The cards in the game resemble the cards in reality, and it is much more fun to battle someone who you can see, than to battle the blurry figures in Pokémon Yellow, Blue, and Red.

    The font has really changed. The letters are now extremely skinny, and are still in caps-lock.

    Rating:4 out of 5



  • Pokémon Red/Blue

    Pokémon Red and Blue is a little challenging, and the competition of pokémon battles is fine, but some of the trainers tend to be a little easy. The only trainer that could be considered hard to beat in the entire game would be Lance--But he isn't encountered until the end.