Pokémon Power Cards

As a promotion for Pokémon2000, Burger King has begun selling Pokémon Power Cards along with their Kids Meals

There are twenty-four Pokémon Power Cards, each with it's own ability(You can see what happens in person by pressing the tab on the bottom of the card or by placing it in it's stand. The pokémon that squirt water must have the top half of their card submerged in water, then the tab must be pressed serveral times. After that, you do the same thing you do for any other pokémon power card.) and background. Each card stands on it's own stand, designated by the pokémon's type. By the way, on the back of each card is a screenshot from the movie and it's caption.

The pocket monsters are literally 3-D; They are not drawn on the card. And unlike last time, since the stand represents the type, each pokémon has it's own background. If you would like swift stats of each pokémon, I suggest you scroll down and look at my table.

MeowthMoltresMr. MimePidgeot

ARTICUNO: Articuno's base is the same shade of it's wing feathers and has an eagle-like bird on it. The corner of the base shows an object that resembles a broken snowflake. The background, like last time, resembles ice. Articuno flaps it's wings and screechs.(Back)

BULBASAUR: Bulbasaur's base remembles grass from a lawn that hasn't been mowed in a while. The background is blue with tangled purple lines. Bulbasaur's eyes glow...(Back)

CHARMANDER: Charmander's base resembles a bridge of flames. Charmander itself stands in front of a background that resembles a fire. Charmander lights up.(Back)

ELEKID: Elekid's base resembles a lightning bolt. Elekid's background is yellow and.. Well, it resembles... It looks like something that that expired and has melted! Elekid lights up into a shade of yellow.(Back)

EXEGGCUTE:Exeggcute, like the other grass-type pokémon comes with a grass-like stand. It's background is black with wild pink stripes. Three of Exeggcute's heads wiggle up and down.(Remember, these are NOT drawn on the card)(Back)

GOLDUCK: Golduck, like the rest of the water-types, has a wave-like stand. It's background is blue and resembles water. Golduck squirts out water from it's beak.(Back)

JIGGLYPUFF: Jigglypuff lights up. Jigglypuff's background is pink with spots in the background. The stand is pale blue and resembles a ribbon.(Back)

KINGLER: Kingler, like the rest of the water pokémon, has a water-like base. Kingler's background is purple and white(Really cool). Kingler squirts water from it's mouth.((Back)

LAPRAS: Lapras, like the rest of the water pokémon, has a water-like base. The background is blue and yellow, resembling water.(I sense a pattern...) Lapras squirts water from it's mouth.(Back)

LUGIA: Lugia's background resembles a white and blue whirlpool. The stand has a monster-like face at the center and is dark blue. Plus, the corner of the base shows water. Lugia's stomach glows red and it's head twitchs..(Back)

MARILL: Marill's base is wavey(Similiar to the water pokémon bases), and the background is royal purple and blue. Marill wiggles it's ears.(Back)

MAROWAK: Marowak's base resembles something made out of cement or stone... Like the side of a well, only it's rectangular so you can keep the card in there. The background is brown with specks of green. Marowak's bone wiggles up and down.(Back)

MEOWTH: Meowth's stand is pale blue and resembles a ribbon with a bow in the middle. Now, the background is red with yellow splotches. Meowth moves it's eyes back and forth.(Back)

MOLTRES: Moltres' stand is red, and like the other legendary birds' has an agle like bird on it and the element of the bird at the side. There are flames for Moltres, and the background resembles a yellow and red spiral. Moltres waves it's wings and talks.(Back)

MR. MIME: Mr. Mime's stand looks like a ripple in a purple lake, and the background for the card is lavender with specks of red. Mr. Mime waves it's hands when you press the tab.(Back)

PIDGEOT: Pidgeot has the normal-type base, and it's background is similair to a desert. Pidgeot waves it's wings up and down.(Back)

PIKACHU: Pikachu's stand is basically two lightning bolts on top of each other. The background resembles yellow scales with a blurry black outline. Pikachu(Like last time) talks.(Back)

PORYGON: Porygon's stand is pale blue and similiar to a ribbon. The background is black with a lone pink wire-like object waving behind Porygon. Porygon glows in the dark, and has no tab. All you need to do is just stick Porygon in a really dark room.(Back)

SCYTHER: Scyther waves it's scythe-like hands up and down, and it's base resembles a pile or leaves. The background is mainly lime-green with specks of a darker green.(Back)

SNORLAX: Snorlax's background is hot pink with vine-like blue stripes and circle in the background. The stand is pale blue ribbon, like the other normal-type stands. Snorlax's stomach and face glows in the dark, which is why there is no tab on this one.(Back)

SQUIRTLE: Squirtle's background is cyan-blue, and the base is wave-like. Squirtle squirts water when the tab is pressed.(Back)

TOGEPI: Togepi lights up! The background is red with glob-like splothes of pale-yellow. The base, as always with normal-types, is a pale-blue ribbon with a star-like bow in the middle.(Back)

VENONAT: Venonat's base resembles a pile of leaves, and a dark-green moss-like pattern is used for the background. Venonat's body moves up and down.(Back)

ZAPDOS: Zapdos lights up! The base is yellow, with lightningbolts at the corners and the eagle-like bird in the center. A yellow halo-like circle is behind Zapdos and the rest of the background resembles a mountain, only replace the dominating color with yellow and the rarer colors with black.(Back)

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