Pokémon Monopoly

Summary: The pokémon version of the game Monopoly is here! There are many changes, like you buy pokémon instead of property!

Appearance: The background on the front of the box is black, with navy blue lightning bolts. The top of the box has the Monopoly logo and Ash throwing a 3-D pokéball the bottom of the front of the box. Below the Monopoly logo, there are the words "Property Trading Game from Parker Brothers." Below that, the Pokémon Logo and the slogan "Gotta catch 'em all!" On the left side of the logo and slogan is a Starmie, and below Starmie is a Pikachu. On the right, there is a Geodude above a Charmander. Below the Charmander are the players that you use in the game.

Something interesting:

  • The little movers, according to the box, are "Collector's Edition."

    Anything else?:Well... They have these little pokémon that are your movers.. A Charmander, Blastiose, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Clefairy.

    Test:I've played the game before, and it's reeeeallllly long. But the new rules are kind of fun. Four out of five

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