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Summary: This a version of the pokedex that Ash uses on the anime.

Apearance: The pokedex is entirely red, except for the yellow and blue Pokémon logo on the front of it. Below the logo is the Gotta catch 'em all! slogan, and close to the bottom, in blue and white letters is the word "POKEDEX." Below that is the Tiger Electronics logo. The back is entirely red, except for a sticker.

The inside of it is mainly red, too. However, there's much more color than on the front. Most of the key pads are yellow, green, or purple. When you turn it on, the little screen displays the Pokémon logo(And the word "Pokedex."), then a Pikachu, which sits there until you decide to do something. The pokémon displayed in the pokedex look pretty good, and you can read the text on the screen. Try to use it under a good source of light. Finally, the flap that opens the Pokedex has a little sticker on it that show the Pokémon logo, the Gotta catch 'em all! slogan, Ash with his cap on backwards, Pikachu, copyrights, and the Tiger Electronics logo.

Something Interesting:

  • It fits in the palm of your hand.
  • According to the sticker on the back of the box, you need to press the Reset button(Get a pencil with a really sharp point). I didn't do that, and it wouldn't let me use passwords..
  • Unlike in the anime, you have to press "On" to turn on the pokedex (It doesn't automatically turn on) and "off" to turn it off(It doesn't turn off when you close the pokedex, either.)
  • Passwords! You can use them to keep people from seeing your list of Favorite pokémon and list of pokémon that you've captured in the game.
  • You can turn off the sound if you find those little beeping noises annoying, but it'll still make them in the beginning, where the logo and the word "Pokedex" are displayed.
  • Don't know your pokémon's number? Then highlight "NAME" and type in your pokémon's name.
  • The "Enter" button is shaped like a Thunder Bolt...
  • In the commercial, the boy is able to look up two pokémon's heights in a few seconds(They replay the scene in slow motion to show what happened!). In reality, the kids would have noticed the beeping sound that the pokedex makes. And it would take FORTY-FIVE SECONDS. Not that the pokedex is slow as a computer, just that you have to pull the pokedex from your pocket, open it, turn it on, select PAGE, look up the two pokémon(It would take even longer if he typed in the entire names of the two), view the stats, turn off the Pokedex, close it, and put it back in your pocket.
  • The pokedex has lots of information on the pokémon. For example, if you looked up Bulbasaur, you would find (1)the pokémon's number, (2)the pokémon's name, (3)an animation of the pokémon, (4)the height, (5)the weight, (6)the type(You'd see SEED, not PLANT), (7)the strength, (8)the attacks that it learns until it evolves, (9)an (different)animation of the pokémon attacking(Some pokémon have just the same picture, or a picture of the pokémon doing something different.. Like Wigglytuff, for example, stretches out), and (10) the pokedex data from the Red/Blue version of the game.

    Anything Else?: You're able to make a list of your favorite pokémon(Go to the list, select the pokémon you want to see, and look at it's animation) and a list of pokémon you captured in the Gameboy game(You must enter it in your self).

    There's a clock and a calculator in the pokedex, too.

    Test: Very cool! I like the way the pokedex opens and closes. Except for a few differences, this pokedex is very similiar to the one Ash uses, and gives just as much information. Five out of five.

    The Pokémon Plaza