Pokémon Cereal

Summary: A pokémon cereal titled "Pokémon" is sold in stores. The cereal has cheerio shaped bits and marshmallow pieces, which have are designed to look like Poliwhirl, Ditto, Oddish, and a Pikachu head. The cereal is made by Kellogs.

Appearance:The background of the box is colored blue and white, and it makes a spiral shaped pattern. The foreground has the pokémon logo in sparkly letters instead of the normal shade of yellow. The pokémon on the front of the box are (in order from left to right) Poliwhirl, Pikachu(Holding a spoon), Ditto, Marril, Articuno, Togepi and Oddish.

Something interesting:

  • If you look carefully, you'll find two mistakes on the back of the box.
  • The box has a label that says Limited Edition.

    Anything else?: The back has a game, where you try to find two of the new pokémon, Ledy Ba and Hoot Hoot, which are hidden in forty-five of the first 150(Mew and Togepi are there too, though).

    Test:I've tasted the cereal myself, and it tastes pretty good. Rating: Three out of five

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