Ancient Mew

This is the Ancient Mew card.
The Ancient Mew card is passed out in the first week that "The Power of One"(Commonly known as "Pokémon the Movie 2000") is shown. The Ancient Mew card is in a wrapper, and comes with another piece of paper. You see, the paper recommends that you go to the nearest Pokémon Trading Card League for a translation of the card and on the back has an area where you can write down the HP, attack, etc. Needless to say, a strange unknown language takes the place of English on the card.

Unlike other cards, Ancient Mew is holographic on the back(Which has been changed, too; No more pokémon logos, just a computer chip-like layout connecting the pokéball to the energy types) and on the entire front, leaving the golden areas and copyrights non-holographic. The format has obviously changed a little bit, as you can see at the bottom of the picture. For a translation that I came up with, scroll down. But *REMEMBER*: For the official, correct, translation, go to your nearest Pokémon Trading Card League. Until I receive the correct translation, this is all I can give you. It may or may not be correct, and only stands on common sense and reference to "real" cards.

The pictureWhat it Probably is
This is Mew's picture.
The name
This is the name because on normal cards, this is the location, and because it has three letters in the name, just like in the English name.
This symbol right here is very similar to the normal psychic energy symbol. And it's where the energy type usually is.
This represents the amount of HP, because of the two small symbols, and the fact that the triangle may be a number.
The Line
This is the line on the card in between the picture and the attack.
The Attack Section
This is the Attack Section.
The Attack Itself
This is the attack itself. I have no idea what this attack is.
The Energy Amount
This is the amount of energy needed for the attack. You need two psychic energies.
The Damage Dealed
This is the damage that the attack deals. I'm sure that this is a number. I think that the number after the triangle is a zero.
Retreat Cost
This is the Retreat Cost; In order to retreat Mew, you might have to discard two energy cards attached to It.
Pokedex Data
This is data on Mew. Because it is so short, I think that it's just the length and height.
This is the weakness, because of the plus sign(Symbolizing the extra damage taken).
This is the resistance, because it has the minus sign(symbolizing the thirty-less damage received from the type the card would be resistant to).

The triangle symbol at the HP and attack is a bit of a mystery to me. Remember how it was the only symbol at the HP? And how it stood next to another symbol at the attack damage? This may mean that the triangle is a single-digit number, which would mean that Ancient Mew has nine HP or less. Or, It might symbolize a double-digit number, i.e. ten or thirty. Which would mean that the attack takes up at least one hundred damages! But then again... No one said that Mew couldn't have one HP or anything... But who knows with this ancient language? We'll just have to wait until we can get it translated.

Remember, the above was only a theory. Meaning it may be incorrect. So if you get the true translation and discover mine was wrong, do *NOT* chew me out.

Pokémon belongs to Nintendo, Creatures and GAME FREAK. Pokémon cards such as the one starring in this article belong to Wizards of the Coast. They are not mine.

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