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Aximilli-Esgarrouth-Isthill's Guide to Chee

The Chee are a race of Androids designed by the Pemalites to be toys; to be friends. Needless to say, violence and killing are not tolerated in the Chee programming, to the extent that even weed killer is not acceptable. This was a disadvantage, however, when a race known as the Howlers attacked the Pemalites; the Chee couldn't do anything but watch their creators die.

One advantage that the Chee do have is the ability to create incredible holograms. In fact, they are able to pass as regular humans in this planet. Your friend may be one of them! Without the hologram, though, they appear to be similair to a canine standing on it's hind legs. Click here for a picture of the legs. But I must make sure that you understand that this is an arachnid's eye view of the hologram. Remember, the hologram is designed to fool human eyes that would surely grow suspicious and deadly if a pair caught sight of the Android behind the hologram. It is unlikely that a witness by an insect or arachnid, which humans pay little respect to, would matter.

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