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Aximilli-Esgarrouth-Isthill's Guide to Andalites

The Andalites are a race of grazing mammals that are currently the most advanced race in the galaxy. Much better than that Yeerk scum... Ahem. We are currently at war with the Yeerks, and have acheived zero space travel.

The Andalites have survived for over three millenia. At first, we were without the aid of our tails; we had to depend on our speed to survive against preditors, and sometimes would stay awake all night, keeping watch over the herds. This, of course, took place during prehistoric times. Then, like humans, made fire and created cave drawings.

Space travel was acheived later,(Followed by zero space travel) and we often discovered many species of aliens and fought in wars. During one war, however, an Andalite known as Prince Seerow observed the Yeerks in their primitive hosts and felt sorry for them. He decided to introduce the Yeerks to some Andalite technology.

The Yeerks, instead of being grateful, took advantage of Seerow's kindness and started an empire. From that point on, we began war with them in an attempt to banish them back to their homeworld once and for all. We have not succeeded.

Many a year later, on the Taxxon homeworld, the Abomination was created; An Andalite host.

As you can see, we fight fiercely against the Yeerks to this day.

I could describe what an Andalite looks like, but who could describe that deadly tail and watchful eye of ours in mere words? Needless to say, I shall provide you with a picture which you can access by clicking here.

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